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Be you, not who everyone else wants you to be. 

A little about me...

I'm Tempest and it my passion to be myself, which in turn will help others do the same. 

There is too much fake and false bullshit in the world, and I strongly believe that needs to change. 

The best way to change that is by being yourself, which inevitably inspires others around you to be better versions of themselves also.

I decided to write this book because I did not like the "cheesy" and "bullshit" style that so many self-help books portray when becoming a better version of yourself and moving through your trauma. Often there is too much fluff and light-hearted "it's okay that you are where you are at" and not enough "you create your life, and everything you have experienced was created that way so you can be your best self with that perspective."

You may not like being you right now. You may think it is a bullshit idea that you create your life. You may not care about being a better version of you right now. 

And that's okay - I know that will eventually change if you become tired of the same endless bullshit and fake ass people around you. You will eventually grow tired of that egoic self you have been so strongly holding onto. You will eventually want to be free and live life effortlessly. 

It's time to make the world a little more real, and less unreal, and that takes one person at a time deciding they are done with being who everyone else wants them to be, and instead deciding to put everything they have into being their true self.