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"We are meant to enjoy what we do in our lives. It is the best way for you to make the biggest impact in the world."


Some stuff about me...

My name is Tempest and I am the type of person to call people out on their insecure shit. I do this in a number of ways and I like being my blunt self. I have a couple degrees, and will be getting a couple more. My education is focused around Mathematics, Biology, Philosophy, Physics, Consciousness.

I also like to connect the idea of "being yourself" to expressing your sexual desires freely. There are too many people avoiding what they like to do sexually because of religion, media, other people's perception of them, and/or society as a whole. I had a lot of sexual bullshit I worked through because of the insecurities I wanted to turn into strengths instead. You can read more about some of it HERE.

I firmly believe the greatest goal for your life and the world is to be the most content version of you based on your morals, desires, and personality, which connects to ALL your experiences. 

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