The Future of Artificial Intelligence

The Future of Artificial Intelligence

I have thought about how to write this blog post for awhile because the types of things that are going through my mind are along the lines of:

What kind of difference are you going to make in a blog post?

Do you think anyone really cares what you have to say?

Passion is stupid, just like life is.

I don't tell you this because I want to discredit myself, but rather to show you that I do still have shitty ass thoughts, even when it comes to what I truly believe I should be doing with my life. The thoughts don't go away, only the attachment of the feelings I have when receiving the thoughts do (because I have worked on it).

Being yourself is a common phrase that is thrown around in the "self-help" community, but it isn't often I see people truly expressing why this is so important for the future, mainly because it is pretty bleak to think about.

The world has a shit load of problems - a shit load of things that can be better, right? The best way to solve problems in a way nobody has before is to be passionate about a certain group of problems. 

Now when it came to my mind, I was passionate about a lot of different problems, so I had to start prioritizing what problems I would be best at. I knew that everyone's skills are best for a specific group of problems, so it is up to each of us to figure out what those are, and I feel like I have done this for myself.

My mind kept going to find the "biggest" problems, or most impacting problems that would destroy humanity. I knew there are so many problems that have an impact on humanity death rates, but when it comes to the true destruction of humanity, I felt this was what my mind cared about most, and in turn what my life experiences have shown me that I would be best at handling. We can get into many different topics when it comes to the ways destruction can happen to our world, all the way from war, famine, suicide, etc. What I noticed is that all of these issues connect to one overall issue that is most problematic.

Artificial Intelligence.   

Artificial Intelligence isn't thought about in my mind in the "normal" way that people may think about it. It isn't only specific to a bunch of talking machines and robots living with humans. It is what is happening on the internet as a whole. The social aspect of the internet. The improvements of various different of machines. 3-D printing. CRISPR. And more. 

How does this connect to humanities destruction? 

Artificial Intelligence -> Human's Ability to Become Self-Awareness Through Connection -> Divide Between Authenticity and Unauthenticity

This divide is what will bring about the biggest "war" in the world. We are in a time where some of us want to team up and help the world become better, and some people hate change so much they will fight tooth and nail in order to try to prevent it. The people resisting change are the ones that aren't evolving. Change is inevitable because growth is inevitable. Since Artificial Intelligence has shown the world the biggest growth for society in all of history, we are in for major changes in all areas of life and in all industries. 

Furthermore, there are people dying from problems that could be resolved now. Whether it is because someone didn't think about the consequences of their actions when implementation of a new law, or the way society has been attempting to control the normal person with bullshit through media and news, all of these problems connect to the consequence of humanity creating AI. We are evolving too fast to the point where problems everywhere are finally expressing themselves because we are all able to connect together effortless (because of AI). It is one of my strongest belief that there needs to be more people like me (or you) to actively express, "hey, that's going to be a problem if that isn't fixed now", or "hey, that's going to continue to be a problem if that isn't fixed now". This isn't arrogance - it's merely having the strength of recognizing consequence of action(s). 

The biggest problem in the entire world is the ridiculous number of people who don't realize the impact of one single choice, and we all make choices every single second. The small choices create choices that are little bit bigger. Those slightly bigger choices create even bigger ones, which then gets into choices that start to impact a lot more then yourself and a few people around you. 

There are so many implications and consequences of Artificial Intelligence and if you truly think you are smart and you have huge potential to offer the world, find your strengths and start solving some problems because we have reached a unique time compared to all of history. If we don't solve these major problems now (or soon), we are going to kill ourselves from our own stupidity. Whether that is from the planet not being livable, or because we can't come together and work as a team, or because so many people take everything others say so personally instead of realizing we are all connected, or because robots get to a point to actually destroy us because we are too stupid to evolve, or all of the above, it will happen. It isn't a maybe it will happen. We are at a point if we don't act now, it WILL HAPPEN.

So let's get ahead of it, shall we? Do your part, and I know I'm doing mine. The idea of typing on a computer about this shit seems ridiculous and exactly what I should be doing right now all at the same time because I know it will bring up "bigger" actions that will be more impactful. Know yourself a little bit better each day, and then start helping others do the same, which will bring about change in the world. Start small, then all the small actions will become much much bigger.