Why Your Feelings Matter More Than Anything Else

Feelings.... Well, let's just say many feelings suck, especially when you're healing and you feel that pain in your heart that makes you literally want to kill yourself. There's a huge emotional development that needs to happen in society in order for it to evolve because a lot of people, especially males, decide to ignore their feelings and push them down given what society shows them that is how they are "supposed" live. 

There are some people who feel everything and so because of this, in order to maintain balance, they have to work on the opposite end of the spectrum, which is to feel nothing. Of course, there's the switch of that too, which is a person feeling nothing and then having to work towards experencing feeling everything.

What makes you a piece of life experiencing itself is to experience all emotions AND a lack thereof. There is a huge bias about people who feel nothing and how much it is associated with psychopaths, toxic people, and narcissists. Let's stop that shit right here and now, especially when it encompasses the idea that people who are experiencing this can't "change" to feel. Everyone can feel, the person has to want to feel; that's what causes change to occur. The problem isn't that they can't feel other people's emotions, it's the fact that they've ignored theirs for so long that they can't feel their own, at least until they acknowledge it and fix it. You're a piece of life, so you can make anything you want happen, you just have to become self aware of what is happening and want it to happen bad enough.

There comes a point when people ignore their thoughts and feelings so much that they decide that they don't matter, so who they are doesn't matter. People like this can decide that when they express who they are, it doesn't get acknowledged, so what's the point? The more that people decide to ignore their thoughts and feelings and not stand up for who they are, the more they are not feeling their true feelings, and instead, they feel the feelings of those around them, and use that in order to get through their life. So they are encompassing behavior of little pieces of everybody else, instead of being who they are.

If you feel like this relates to you, this doesn't make you a bad person or whatever the fuck society has tried to show you that you are because you can't feel your feelings. You are still able to express who you are and be who you are, but odds are who you are encompasses behavior that's on a fine line of "criminal activity", and because of this, you feel like you need to shut it down because you are not enough to live in this world given what society has shown you. That's frankly bullshit. 

Society is a very general idea of me saying the government, media, internet, the health industry, religion, and every little piece of everything that is making it so people can "live" their life. We live in a society that has conformed and confined people to be a certain way because of the rules that they have put in place. These rules are making it so certain people feel like they can't be who they are because otherwise they'd be breaking these rules.

Even further, the Mental Health Industry has made it seem like all these drugs are necessary in order for a person to grow and become who they are, and sometimes they can be, but most of the time these drugs are put into place in order to make profit and not give a shit about the actual person. There are people out there who are taking antidepressants who end up killing themselves, and the drug industry is able to chalk it up to, "well they were just depressed", even though the drugs themselves are the reason for many people going over the edge. Hell, you can't even have anxiety or be depressed without somebody telling you that you need medication or to see someone to talk about it, but professionals have the same issues that everybody else does, the only difference is they hide it better. (My advice is to learn from everyone, not just professionals). It's looked down upon to be depressed, have anxiety, or any mental illness, but it is actually there to help you know yourself better. There are so many aspects of society that has shown the world how mental illness is a "problem" and what that says to me is, you should take medication to avoid feeling you. I could elaborate further with how much your mental illness actually is directly related to your physical diseases as well, but that's a conversation for another day.

Don't get me started on religion and other parts of society - you'll probably have 500 existential crisises daily for the next month. 

The Problem in Society 

So the major foundation of the problem in society is the fact that so many aspects of it are preventing people from feeling their feelings and being who they are. The world has put bandages over problems, instead of actually curing the problems themselves, and it is starting to show up in major ways. People running the world typically care more about money, trying to get ahead, being better than others, "saving" others, controlling others, etc., instead of caring about people themselves, who they are, and what they feel. 

There are so many different aspects of why it could seem like it's impossible to truly be yourself and feel the feelings you do, but I promise you it is so important that you break through it all. Realize that nobody else knows and is experiencing your perspective of life, and there is a reason for it. In fact, I could argue that there are infinite reasons for it. It's not your fault for feeling like you can't be you. It is your fault if you don't push through those feelings to be you. Why would you want to live your life any differently? I'd rather die being me than "live" being somebody else or what society wants me to be. Fuck that shit. Give into your feelings and start listening to them more and more until it becomes second nature to naturally be who you are.

To summarize everything I said the most important piece of information that I want you to take away is this. If you don't experience the varying levels of feeling, then you will be missing a piece of perspective that can help you grow to be the most content version of you, and therefore, that will inevitably be limiting you because of it.

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