Difference Between Knowing Versus Certainty

Difference Between Knowing Versus Certainty

Knowing and certainty are two words that may be used interchangeably in your life, but it is important to understand the difference between the application of these two words. 


Know: Be aware of through observation, inquiry, or information.

Certainty: Firm conviction that something is the case.

Uncertainty: Doubt, dubiety, skepticism, suspicion, mistrust mean lack of sureness about someone or something.

Connecting These Together

When I think of what I know, I think of knowledge. Knowledge can be broken down into two categories, biased and unbiased. For the sake of how knowing something relates to being certain about it, not getting hung up on terminology or what other people think is a crucial part of being certain about whether or not a piece of knowledge is a true (or certain) part of you. 

For instance, some people claim they are certain beyond a doubt that a God exists. There is nothing that can change their mind. There can be various pieces of knowledge that show that this "certainty" is in fact uncertain, like the idea of someone only believing in a God because of the fear of going to hell, however, there can also be a true certainty a person has, which felt inside. 

Furthermore, when I mention that being truly certain about something is not hung up on terminology or what other people think, I say this because if someone gets hung up on a bias piece of knowledge (terminology or others opinions/beliefs), then there is room for error within that claim because of the biased component. When someone doesn't care about the biased knowledge about something and focused on the feeling he or she has instead, then certainty is able to be achieved. The nature of not caring about terminology allows you to connect with others that are certain about the same thing and not care about what each of you call the idea/belief. In the instance of believing in a God, I can understand that people are certain beyond a doubt that God exists. I am certain that the universe exists. Both of these words, God and universe, represent the same idea because they both can refer to the same attributes that describe the words. 

This gets into the absolute nature of the universe, which is complementary with the uncertain and probabilistic nature of the universe, however, after one has worked through the limiting beliefs that one has (because of fear/control), then there can be sense of absolute certainty related to a piece of unbiased knowledge. The knowledge is unbiased because it is coming strictly from you and you are not hung up on the biased knowledge, but rather you have the certainty feeling that allows you to be certain. 

There a vast amount of knowledge within the world, and this can connect to my idea about the foundations of what I think about consciousness (feel free to check out the video below). The important part when considering your knowledge is to remain as objective, or unbiased, as you can, even though you are a biased human being. This will give you a better direction of your true self, which then helps you develop a sense of certainty about the beliefs and actions you experience in your life. 



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