Why is Genocide Still Happening?

Why is Genocide Still Happening?

Why? Why do the adults in the world continue to behave like little toddlers who don't get their way? Why do we continuously see people killing or abusing each other over a difference in opinion, but we refuse to do anything about it? Why do people decide to care more about superiority and power compared to kindness and love? 

Biggest Reason

Not many people take action to better their life, but they insist on helping others anyway. Stupid (Don't get me wrong, I was once there, and realized I was being stupid too). How can you provide any useful advice if you are miserable inside? It isn't going to be helpful and you are going to do more harm than good. So many of us are avoiding the very thing that would solve all of our problems. Seeking help for the trauma that we experienced as a child (let's be honest, we all are, or were, fucked up in some way. Even if you don't think you were ever fucked up, you are probably the most fucked up of us all). After you seek help, this then helps you think about the ways to actually solve your problems in your life by being yourself, WITHOUT taking away the rights from another person. If a solution involves taking the rights away from another person, then that solution isn't an actual solution, and if implemented, it will ALWAYS come back around to become a problem later. So few of us truly understand cause and effect, or another word.... consequence.

How Does This Relate to Genocide?

Genocide is a big problem, but problems don't just "become" big. They grow to become big. In the case of genocide, there are multiple people taking action to support these types of problems. Problems that surround the idea of trying to controlling other people.

Because so many of us don't have control over our own lives, we insist in having control over other people's lives instead. Instead of seeking help for the pain that we are in, we instead lash out and avoid our pain because it is "too painful" to deal with. Being someone who has dealt with the pain, I am here to tell those who haven't to get over yourself.

Those people who refuse to consistently seek help (if you don't have a will to live naturally, then you are in this category), the people who think they have all the answers (I surely don't, and keep growing every single day), and those who think that they are "okay" just the way they are. These are the people who are causing the smaller problems in the world, which then eventually turn into bigger problems, like genocide, child abuse, rape, domestic violence, and a whole bunch of other bullshit problems that are only happening because people don't want to focus on improving themselves. 

Think about the small problems you experience in your life. How often does a problem go away if you ignore it? NEVER. And if you think it does, then you are in denial, which is a bigger problem in itself. A problem only goes away when you deal with it. Deal with the thoughts and the feelings that you have surrounding it. Then and only then is when you develop real solutions to the small problem. Then and only then is when you respond to your problem in a way that causes it to improve (or go away completely), instead of cause it to grow bigger.

I know of a few people who are living in a country like Nigeria (there are other countries with genocide happening too, I know), and their families are literally dying in front of them because of the government killing them, and then in places like the United States, people are whining over "this person offended me" and expecting other people to do something about it. Fuck you (and I hope I offended you).

So many of us don't appreciate what we have, especially the people in America, and instead of dealing with our problems, we ignore them, and then feel entitled to the world owing us something when, I will be frank, the world owes us NOTHING.


You are never owed anything, and the world only starts giving you what you want when you actually focus on all the actions you need to do first. When more of us pull our head out of our asses and start to acknowledge what the world is actually coming to, and join together in solving the problems, then the world will change. Otherwise, many of us will live in a hell of our own making. We NEED to achieve purpose. Everyone has one. Very few are living it. 

I shouldn't be having a couple friends I have been talking to in Nigeria sending a messages like the ones below. Improve yourself and seek help, then come up with solutions to your problems and take action. 

A Friend's Message

Another Friend's Message

"Around the globe, Nigeria, a country in Africa that is generally known as the giant of Africa is gradually losing her integrity and position in the world map.

In the past years since the country got her independence from the british colony, we have been on a spot irrespective of our natural endearment. The worst of leaders have governed us selfishly without the interest of the citizens at heart.

What shall we mention and which shall we let go. Our leaders have always taken advantage of little things to suffer the citizens. We have been enslaved by the people we elected to govern us. Our lawlessness have made us strangers in our father land. We weep everyday.

The year 2020 have turned out to be the year of agony, pains and regret on the side of the citizens. A year that our leaders sent military squad to kill our young and innocent youths who are protesting for the betterment of the country.

Educational sector in Nigeria is the worst and poorest in the world's academic rating. High tuition fees, uneducated tutors, poor learning environment and many more.

Hunger and starvation have claimed so many lives of the citizens due to the inhumanity of the leaders towards the poor citizens.

Different terrorist groups sponsored by the government such as boko haram, Fulani herdsmen, Fulani bandit, etc. have caused the death of many and rendered many others homeless. There's not a day of peace in Nigeria, we're pained.

Recession have struck and Nigeria leading as the highest recessed country in the world. A country that is blessed with crude oil, gold, and many other natural resources. These great gifts of nature are been controlled and abused by the leaders and the dividend shared amongst them, neglecting the poor citizens and allowing them to die of hunger and starvation.

Our hearts are heavy, we can't cry forever. We beckon on the world to come to our rescue, for the sake of innocent poor citizens who cannot do anything for themselves. Let's empower Nigerians and liberate them from the bondage of our heartless leaders whose interest is their personal achievements and enrichment. We beckon on the world to help us to smile again for the sake of the upcoming generation. We pray for a better country and a better world where we will leave in peace and harmony and love for one another.

Peace be to you all as you lift this burden off our shoulders."


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