Perspective: Why Nobody Can Truly Understand YOUR Life

Perspective: Why Nobody Can Truly Understand YOUR Life

What is perspective? In the sense we are talking about today, perspective is understanding a particular attitude toward or way of regarding something, or in other words understanding a point of view.

Break Down

We are going to focus on what this idea of what point of view really means. In its simplest form, if we use the word perspective in relation to your life, we can break down perspective with understanding that nobody will understand an experience in the exact way you did. Even further, think about the amount of information that you know about yourself, as compared to other people. If you are going about your life in the unconditional love type of way with yourself, then you will understand that the more you dive into your perspective of life, the more you will relate to how others think and feel. 

You only know 100% of your life because you have been there for 100% of your life, that is, there is nobody else that experiences what it is like to be YOU. You have only experienced you. When it comes to other people, you have only seen or heard about a small piece of what their perspective of life looked like at a given time (and hearing something about a person from another person causes misinformation to occur too), so this is reason one not to judge another person as a whole. You aren't living that person's life, so maybe judge the specific action a little because that's what minds naturally do, and then understand that the person is not a piece of shit as a whole, assuming the action in question is a piece of shit type of action. Reason number two to not judge a person in his or her wholeness is to think about how you would genuinely feel if you were in the other person's shoes. 

Diving into that second reason more in depth, you have heard of this idea as empathy, but people who truly understand feeling empathy for others is because they themselves have felt the pain (or are in the state of healing from it). They themselves understood how they felt when they were put in that situation and how they responded to that situation (whether it was a good or bad) in relation to their perspective. 

For instance, let's say that you are talking to another person about the death of your brother, and you relate to that experience because your brother passed away a couple years ago. You hear from this person, I'm not gonna go to the funeral, and you feel judgement come because you are thinking, why the hell would someone not want to go to their own brother's funeral? You come to find out in conversation that this person was not close with his brother and doesn't really feel anything about his brother passing. This person instead feels like he should feel something given the "typical" response from others with someone in the family passing, but he truly doesn't care inside. You realize THAT'S the different perspective that will enable you to relate to others easier because your perspective consisted of going through the normal stages of grief, since you cared deeply for your brother. You understand that just because you had this perspective when it comes to your brother, it doesn't mean that someone can't experience something completely different, even though you are both experiencing "the same thing". 

Perspective takes an experience that you have and thinks about the various thoughts, feelings, and beliefs that one can have when undergoing that experience. Every single experience that you have you have felt or not felt something about it. Now imagine the people out there who have the exact opposite perspective with everything you experience. They experienced the same situation, i.e. dead brother, being broke, finding a new job, moving across country, etc., but they way you felt AND responded is different then most people you meet. 

It is often said in the self help community how much "you are not alone", and people are right in the sense that others have felt and thought similar if not the same things as you. What is not accurate about this statement is that nobody has felt the same things and done the same things as you in their entirety. You are unique because there isn't another person who has felt everything and done everything that you had. There is not a reason for another person to have felt everything and done everything you have because you were made to experience that perspective, not someone else. In a way, you are alone, but in a sense that you can help other people look at situations differently - look at situations better and to bring about a better version of yourself and themselves. 

When you start knowing this scale of emotions and thoughts that a person can have when it comes to any experience that can happen, and there are a shit ton, then you can start relating to people on a scale that starts to creep you out because you think and feel what anybody you meet thinks and feels. This is what it is like to be the authentic you. It feels like magic sorcery, but it is really you connecting with understanding that the ultimate purpose in life is to shift your perspective and become a better version of you a little more every single day. 

Here is a brief video outlining a basic idea of truly becoming self-aware of achieving a new perspective, and remember, be open-minded. It's makes like effortless that way.


Shifting perspective can get into a vast amount of ideas and topics, and it can be hard to talk about all of them in a few blog posts, however if you would like to genuinely dive deeper into knowing more about your authentic self, go buy my book. It's only up to you in the end, and I know given my authenticity that the book is blunt and deep and still really awesome. It is up to you to try it and see if you feel the same way.